Thursday, October 25, 2007


I had the pleasure of photographing little Stevie and "the girls" (as his mom likes to call them) Stevie has the cutest blue eyes and natural curls in his hair and A LOT OF ENERGY!!! He has so much fun just running around, checking stuff out and SMILING!!! I had such a fun time playing catch w/ him and I was afraid he was going to get upset when I finally had to leave and take my ball w/ me. Nikki thanks again for a great photoshoot and it was so nice to see you. (small world....Nikki actually used to do my hair when I was in photography school. About the same time I graduated and moved, she changed salons and we lost touch. She recently was doing some research on photographers in the area that photograph children and luckily she came across my site and gave me a call). I'm so glad you found me Nikki!!!

First...."the girls" (Pet portraits are so much fun for me)

Guess how excited I was when I entered the house and saw him smiling and waiting for me.

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mom said...

what a gorgeous little boy, love those very blue eyes.