Friday, November 30, 2007

Kelly and Todd

A few weeks back my dear cousin Kelly got married. She's part of the Conner Clan as we like to call ourselves. They had a very simple and sweet wedding. The ceremony was at 10:30am and they had a brunch right afterwards (therefore having coffee cake as the wedding cake) We kept the "posed" pictures to a minimum as Kelly is not a big fan of having her picture made. BTW Kelly is also a Pastry Chef and made most of the amazing food herself (she did have some help from Aunts and cousins as well) And yes folks she did make her own wedding cake and it was WONDERFUL!!! YUM YUM! Thanks Kelly for being so patient with this post.

This one is pretty traditional, but for some reason it's one of my favorites. I think Kelly looks so gorgeous!!!

Isn't my mom adorable!!! Not to shabby for 56!! (did I just post that on the internet??? LOL Love you mom)

So cute!

Wedding coffee cake anyone??? YUM!!!

We're Conners too! Love this pict of me and my mom. Just had to post it.

Another cutie!!!

These are my cousin Angie's little girls! Aren't they just beautiful!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Here are the rest of little Riley's pictures. He is faster than a speeding bullet!!!! LOL. Do you like the motion in the one below? So cute. We played and spent the morning (mostly inside since it was FREEZing out that day) and I even got to see Riley's impression of a monster. It was hilarious. There is a picture below. Great to see you again Tricia!


This is just a preview of Riley's pictures!!! I planned on posting them this morning, but was booked last minute for an appointment this morning. So before I walk out the door here is your preview!!! (I'll be posting more once i get back home, Tricia i knew you'd be bummed if I didn't get anything up. I'll have the rest for you in a few hours)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tiny Thomas......

I had such a nice time photographing our friend Kim and Greg's newest addition...Thomas. I have photographed quite a few infants over the years and I'll have to admit that Thomas was so good for us. We kept trying all different spots to photograph him in and he was such a trooper. What a little cutie! Thanks Kim for a great shoot and I can't wait to do a family picture for you sometime soon. :)